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Falafel is traditionally paired with hummus, tabouli, and tahini or tzatziki sauce.
But you can enjoy it with almost any food and with your favorite sauce. Use it as a snack or a meal.

Serving suggestions: Middle East appetizer platter ~ falafel, hummus & tabouliFalafel benedict ~ with eggs & hollandaise sauceAsian falafel ~ stir fry with veggies & sesame seed oilMexican falafel ~ wrapped in a tortilla with salsa & cheeseIndian falafel ~ in a naan bread sandwichPolynesian falafel ~ in sweet & sour pineapple sauce & riceTexas falafel ~ smothered in barbeque sauceThai falafel ~ cut into pieces & added to pad thai • Southwestern falafel ~ in a steaming hot bowl of chili.

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